Phylogenetics – This is a portal into the GBIF, and other, taxonomic databases
PBI MiconieaeA National Science Foundation, Planetary Biodiversity Inventory project that aims to produce a complete taxonomic inventory and description of the tribe Miconieae.
TreeBASE – A centralized location for a vast scope of phylogenetic information.
Tree of Life – A searchable, clickable cladogram with information about every form of life on earth.

Herbaria & Collections
Types - Search the Smithsonian (US) collection of nearly 2000 melastome type specimens.
Collection – Search the entire collection at the New York Botanical Garden (NY).
Types – Type specimens at the New York Botanical Garden (NY).
Types – Type and general specimens at the Harvard University Herbaria (HUH).
Types – Type specimens at the University of Florida herbarium (FLAS).
Paris- Search the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (P).
Virtual Herbarium: The Nationaal Herbarium Nederland (National Herbarium of the Netherlands, NHN). This is an essential resource for those conducting research on Old World melastomes.
Illustrations – An excellent set of illustrations from the Smithsonian Institution.
Images – A collection of images of melastomes from Tropicos; many are type specimens.

NCBI - Search GenBank for DNA sequences of melastomes.
IPCN – Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers.

Taxonomy resources
Genera – A list of all currently accepted genera (with synonyms).
IPNI – The ultimate in plant names and bibliographic references.
Kew Bibliographic Databases – This is an important resource for conducting literature searches.
Brahms – This is an excellent database that anyone may use for botanical investigations or collections management.

Melastomes in Florida – Info and images from the Atlas of Vascular Plants of Florida
Central French Guiana – A collections database of Melastomataceae from NYBG.
Acre, Brazil - This collections database is part of a NYBG floristics and economic botany project.
Flora of Thailand – Information specifically pertaining to that project, the vegetation, and botanical investigations in Thailand.
Flora Mesoamericana – Dig through layers of information on Central American plants.

Rare plants – Search the World Conservation Monitoring Center (part of the IUCN) for threatened species.


Charles Darwin – Did you know that even Darwin himself was “beaten” and driven nearly to madness by those “odious” melastomes? Go to this page, hit ctrl + f and type ‘mela’ in the find box to get to the right paragraph quickly.